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I have just been to asda in Arnold and was shocked how petty they have become. I purchased a bunch of spring onions and put them into a plastic bag that you find on a roll near the fruit and veg. However even though my bill was over £60.00 the cashier took them out saying asda don't give a bag as there was a elastic band around them!! Oh come on asda a small bag which the cashier named Jackie on till 2 threw in a bin under the check out. I did say I didn't want my clothes to smell of onion which I was buying at the time but was told No she was told by head office. Well Asda you are not the store I thought you were!! Instead a very unhelpful place to shop. I think better of Tesco and Sainsbury as they aren't as oetty, Hope they don't follow your example or it will make shopping very hard   25-06-16


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