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I ordered 2 X 5 seaters for 10.30pm for my daughters 18th and was told might get 3 taxis instead. Get a text to say taxi dispatched and receive a call 10 mins later to say do I still want taxi. Called my daughter to tell her but she tells me no taxi there.Gave them a call and they said I ordered taxi for 11pm which I argued and they suggested that my phone had been used to order taxi! Asked them for 4 taxis which they were not very helpful and discovered that they had sent taxi to same Close name but different postcode . They agreed to send 4 taxis at 11.30 after much discussion. However only one taxi turned up at 11.15pm who said no other taxis were on the way resulting in my daughter and 11 friends catching the bus into town making them late for meetings friends who had travellled a long way to see her. She has always used DG before but this is the last time. Very unreliable and unhelpful - would NOT recommend.   09-08-15


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