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Absolutely uselessly run business with extremely poor customer service.Me and three other students used this taxi company to get to and from school and an offsite course. It is frequently late with the worst occassion being the taxi arriving at the pick up point almost one and a half hours late, with all of us being under 16 we had no other form of transport and we had to wait. Some of the drivers are outright rude and argumentatitive, even though we are minors. It is not acceptable. Also on several occassions despite being prebooked for specfic weeks a taxi has failed to be sent until we have rang to office to enquire about its wearabouts and everytime we were met withe excuse "we thought you were on holiday this week". Not logical as if we were on holiday the booking would have not been manually cancelled. The staff at the call centre are very unhelpful and unsympatethic to the fact that we commitments after our course has finished. The system that they have in place for finding bookings is extremly slow and neither the opperator or drivers offer and apology or explaination for the lateness. If you want to get somewhere on time NEVER use this company. It is beyond a joke now as this has been going on for a couple of months now, you would think after several verbal complaints they would make sure that it was on time.   12-05-16


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