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It's very sad that a good business as we are lead to believe ...continue to employ or recruit dishonest and disresptful drivers .... it's time that the boss ..if he truly cares or wants business to continue in nottingham ....sort your people out ... I'm not saying all drivers for this company are bad ...they are not ..but a certain ...type..are all the same ..rude dishonest ...and think woman are ...nothing's just very sad .we have this around us please read the reviews ...and stop your customers from being faced with horrible experiences ..... I was warned about this company ..but I'm not a person who would judge .... but never again ... one day .... your attitude and way you do business ..will be your downfall ...... CENTRAL CARS ARE THE BEST ...I KNOW THAT NOW ..YOU CAN TRUST THE ENGLISH SPEAKING DRIVERS THEY EMPLOYE.... AND ..FEEL SAFE .....

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