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It begs me the question of what sort of drivers are actually employed. If i describe the situation now you will see the severity and how disgusting the incident is. I had gone out with a few friends despite previously being un well i felt alot better. Around 12 oclock i became faint naucious and developed a severe migrain. Because my phone had died i decided to panic already suffering with anxiety problems myself and decided to leave urgently. I got in one of the taxis but developed my nausia to be too much to handle and politely asked the taxi driver to pull over. I then got out of the car and was sick onto the road. After this i was perfectly fine. Had fully sobered up as my headache was gone and i no longer felt naucious. The taxi driver explained to me that he will have to check the cab before I leave to make sure that no sick was inside the car. To which i replied that it was fine but there is none inside but i understand. When he dropped me home We both looked inside the taxi. There was clearly no sick or damage to the taxi to even question it was ridiculous as i had been sick outside. He believed and was persistent to get money from me to which i was explaining to him there isn't any in there which there wasn't. He was obviously trying to rip me off because i was on my own and he believed me to fall for it because of my previous drinking. This disagreement at no time became agressive or heated as i was merely laughing at how ridiculous it was. If i had been sick then i would have paid up it would not have been a problem He then got in my car to which i finally explained its unfair to do this tom someone who is by themself. He then decided to shout something at me as i was beginning my short walk home. To which i asked him what he had said. With no reply i agin started to walk home to which he shouted again to that point i told him to leave me alone, told him to p*** off and forget about it and told him he was boring me now. I then heard him get out of his car to which i turned round thinking what was next and he hit me blindly in the face as i turned around. After the shock of such a situation i merely put my hands in the air to say to him why have you hit me? why have you hit... and before icould finish my sentence he struck me again blindly (sucker punched) or whatever you call it in the face once more. I was in complte shock and was left alone to which I didn't know a bleeding face and battered eye socket. I have now informed the incident to the police and it will be taken to court either of the driver personally or D and G as a company themselves. I'm telling this to warn professional companies like I work for myself to avoid using such a disgrace of a taxi firm if it employs such drivers. I know you cannot build a reputation based on one incident and one driver. However after revealing to D and G when i was home after seeing the severity to my injuries I informed them to which they thought it was hilarious. I know full well they know exactly who the perpritaitor was but would not reveal that information to myself obviously. Though they must the police. I have already began searching which companies within my friendship group use such firms and urging them to cancel and not associate with them. I wasn't aware before my incident coming to light but there has been several incidents of such actions by them one where a young woman was a victim and still they failed to deal with the situation. I could udnerstand if i was a lowlife or a gobby mouthy individual if i had a drink and was agressive threatening or abusive but that is not the case. The driver should be instantly dismissed for assault whilst at work. It disgusts me writing this. I am actually appalled as i would always recommend them always.

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