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S.B. Computers Nottingham

S.B. Computers Nottingham

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Computers in Nottingham - Long Eaton
88 Wilsthorpe Road, Long Eaton, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG10 3JZ
+44 (0) 115 946 3898

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S.B. Computers Nottingham Reviews

You can't really critique a business until something goes wrong. So many customers happy with their purchases, but seriously the owner just buys his stock from sellers on Ebay and sells them for extortionate prices after giving them a simple clean.

He purchased a couple of devices from me that originally belonged to my grandparents and haggled the price down to next to nothing. One of them had a bit of damage, which I mentioned so the price went down even more. It probably ended up around quarter of the price he could of sold it for. They were in his shop for about £699.99 at the time (roughly), but around £250 on other websites.

Upon receipt he left it about a week before contacting me, and stated one of them had a CPU fan problem, (bare in mind here, he's an IT 'repair' shop). So they've already been ridiculously discounted because 1 of the 2 devices were damaged, but no, he now tried to demand HALF the total refund for return of the damaged item and wouldn't accept anything less. One thing to learn about the owner is that you cannot reason with a man of his 'nature'. He wouldn't accept a partial refund for the fan, or a FULL refund for both items, which were the only fair options so naturally it went to a PayPal dispute.

I debated with PayPal I should get BOTH devices back, and issue a full refund since they weren't of equal value as this was the most fair solution. He debated than I was 'incompetent' and didn't know what I was doing, and argued he gets MORE than half the refund for the return of the 1 broken device and 'wasting his time'. Now quite obviously, PayPal agreed with ME, and stated he return should be made in FULL for a full refund. Win win right? Nope, it didn't end there!

The owner only sent ONE device back (the broken one obviously), and provided PayPal with details of the postage so the refund went through to him automatically. This was the FULL refund, so in my possession I had one broken device he ultimately kept working one for free. Great business for him, since the dispute was closed. I contacted him via email (and kept all the mail trails), basically giving him the benefit of the doubt and asked for payment for the 1 device he took from me. His replies were overly obnoxious, unhelpful and he even mentioned 'I should ask my mother for the money'.

FYI - Although this might seem funny to some, this is the kind of person you are dealing with. If you are reading this BEFORE you visit here, congratulations on doing your research. Don't fall for his charms, he is a crook on the biggest scale fully aware of his actions. I don't often question humanity, and how far some people get in life but please consider that all these 'replies' he posts defending himself/making excuses I don't believe are genuine at all. I feel sorry for all customers who have a bad experience with him, please share this IN DETAIL to create more awareness of this man.

As for me, the only way I was able to get my refund was to threaten to go to the press to PayPal. Once I sent all the details to PayPal, and all the communications in his patronising emails filled with mockery and putting himself on a pedestal, PayPal realised what had actually happened and rewarded me with much deserved compensation. S B Computers, if you're wondering why all your sellers stop communicating suddenly - this is why.

Imagine an 8 year old child with they're own business, with no interest in compromise or honesty. His behaviour and attitude are one of the worst I've experienced, and I don't know how he actually gets away with it.

Don't go to his store, don't sell to him and more importantly don't take anything for repair. He couldn't even replace a CPU fan, so don't expect anything apart from complaints about your device being 'garbage anyway'.

I'll await a reply that will probably claim all this as being 'false', a counter story of 'what actually happened' or bunch of excuses. Don't believe his nonsense. He requests all his bad feedback to be removed, so even if I stop one person from this experience I have done Google reviews justice.  

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We have purchased a computer from S B Computers, which they built up incorporation some components from our existing one. We found them very helpful and spent a lot of time with us to ensure we go the right one for us. The computer has been great.  

Rating  5

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