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I have been to World Service once as a special occasion. I enjoyed quality food however, I found this restaurant uncomfortable. To start we where directed to a seating area with low uncomfortable seats, I was in a cocktail dress and it raised my knees above my hemline to sit in it. Not ladylike at all and left me feeling uncomfortable. Additionally, my partner's seat was on the otherside of the low table and he was too far away to have an intimate conversation with. A killed any romantic atmosphere we had expected. When we where eventually taken to our table. I was surprised, as it had been ready for us upon arrival which left me disappointed and confused at why we where directed to a waiting area to begin with. Our starters took a while to reach us and then the main came too quickly (immediately upon clearing the starters). Also, the champagne was not at the table therefore we had to ask to have our glasses refilled. Unfortunately, staff were not that attentive for this to work well and spoilt the romantic atmosphere we had intended for our anniversary. Quality of the food was excellent, however, all the above means I cannot recommend this restaurant.

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