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I hate leaving bad reviews but in this matter I feel I have been left with no choice.

My TV was a Panasonic 42" LED which was less than 20 months old when it stopped working. I called Panasonic Customer services who asked me to take my TV to their 'Approved Service Centre' Correct Services 242 Oakdale Rd, Carlton, Nottingham.

I took my TV in the following day and paid the £30 charge to inspect my TV and diagnose the fault which I was OK with.

After driving the 11 miles home (which took about 40minutes) an email arrived. They said it was the LED Panel which had gone.

So they had tested the TV and diagnosed the problem + composed an email with all the prices for parts and labour in less than 40 minutes.

So I contacted Panasonic again who, after discovering that a replacement LED panel was no longer available agreed to replace my TV because it was only 20months old.

About 3 weeks later Correct TV Services called me to say that my new replacement TV was ready to collect but there was an additional charge of £60!

The manager said this was to cover the time spent organising the replacement set. (Even though on my receipt it states that it's for repairs)

Bearing in mind this was all done by 'Panasonic' and all 'Correct Services' had to do was make a couple of phone calls and send a picture of my old TV Set I was disgusted at the extra charge.

I know It is only a small amount of money but that is not the point.


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